Simulation Exhibitor

A simulation exhibit of your work will take place in an open format along with other exhibitors in the same session.


Laptop-focused Exhibit
(other display elements are appropriate)

What is a Simulation Exhibit?

A novel concept that is being introduced at TGCS 2019 is a Simulation Exhibit that allows you to showcase your work in a flexible and multimedia way to highlight computer simulation demonstrations and foster technical discussions among the symposium delegates. A Simulation Exhibit may include any or all of the following: presentation slides, graphs, pictures, videos, devices, handouts, and simulation demonstrations. In addition, the Simulation Exhibit may be prepared and run on different pieces of custom software. A space, table, and single power outlet for small electronics will be provided for you to use your own laptop and desired visual aids during the Simulation Exhibit sessions. This method of exhibiting your simulations may change the way TGCS symposia are conducted in the future!


Hitting the Target

The simulation exhibit is not intended as an oral presentation and it should not require delegates to stay for a long oral, video, or slideshow presentation. Your exhibit should provide a quick and punchy presentation of the work you have done and foster discussions between delegates.

Adjusting Your Time

You along with four other exhibitors will have a 60-minute session to interact with those who are interested in your simulation exhibit, not give a presentation to an audience. Display elements can either loop for 5 minutes or less (i.e., a maximum of 5 slides), or be activated and controlled by the exhibitor on command.

Displaying New Information

Each exhibit is intended to provide a display of information that is not possible with a traditional printed poster. Embedding multimedia content, along with static elements, such as titles, logos, and summaries, would be a good way to convey information. The use of text should be limited. Examples of recommended dynamic visual elements include: videos, slide shows, animated charts or graphs, scrolling text, and 3D rotation of a model.

Using Your Laptop

You must use your own laptop along with your own software because we are not able to provide hardware or software to the exhibitors. A space, table, and single power outlet for small electronics will be provided for you to use your own laptop and display any desired visual aids.

Exchanging Knowledge

The delegates will benefit from interacting with you, not reading your abstract alone or viewing a website that she or he can access without going to the symposium.

Emailing Us

Let us know if have any questions or concerns.


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