Komor New Investigator Award

The Andrzej Komor New Investigator Award is presented at each symposium to recognize the best paper by a new investigator. The award typically consists of a $500 prize and a certificate. The competition is judged by an ad hoc committee of the Technical Group on Computer Simulation at the symposium. To give as much exposure as possible, the award is announced in the larger ISB Congress, at either the General Assembly or the Banquet. To be eligible for the award, the new investigator must be either a student or not have a PhD prior to January 1st in the year that the symposium is held, must be the paper's first author, and must present the paper.


Andrzej J. Komor

A Remembrance

Adapted from Mont Hubbard's original writing in the International Journal of Sport Biomechanics, Volume 7, 1991.

Dr. Andrzej J. Komor was killed in an airplane crash in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on March 3, 1991. He was returning from a trip devoted to wind tunnel testing for competitive cyclists. The sport science community, and the International Society of Biomechanics in particular, have lost a remarkable individual.

Dr. Komor was very active in ISB. He was a founding member as well as a tireless prime mover and Chairman of the ISB Working Group on Computer Simulation. He served as the main organizer of the First International Symposium on Computer Simulation in Biomechanics, held in Warsaw in 1987, and had fostered the WGCS through its difficult formative years.

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