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The purpose of the Student-Student Mentoring Program is to establish relationships and share experiences with other students in the field. Student mentors will be able to provide the following assistance to other students:

  • Writing abstracts or award application materials
  • Translating abstracts or other written materials into the language required by the conference
  • Be a guide to students attending his or her first conference
  • Give advice, recommendations and tips about traveling to other countries

ISB student members who are granted the ISB International Travel Grant, and subsequently visiting other countries, may seek a student mentor residing in those countries. This student-student interaction prior to your traveling will help you to:

  • Allow communication over the phone or emails.
  • Answer as best as possible any questions posted by the mentee that will help him/her to better prepare for the overseas visit.
  • Provide information about the safety of the country/city to visit, housing, transportation, food, and others as requested by the mentee.
  • Provide any other information or advice that the student mentor would consider important in visiting the specific region.
  • Potentially obtain information, from the student's perspective, about biomechanics research at the institution you are visiting. We know that our experience as students may allow us to have a different outlook from our professors and mentors, which could be helpful and interesting to other students.
  • Gain knowledge about the region and prepare ahead of time for do's and don'ts, cultural shock, and some other events that are involved when visiting other countries and cultures.
  • Acquire advice about affordable and convenient housing, best methods of transportation, food prices and any other information that we, students, will find helpful when visiting a new place or country.
  • Potentially find another ISB student who shares your native language and culture, resulting in a better chance to obtain all the information you consider important from someone who you can actually relate to.

Mentor assistance is not limited to the above recommendations nor are all of the above recommendations required by the mentor. The nature or purpose of the mentoring relationship should be discussed and agreed upon before mentoring begins.

In order to participate in this program as a MENTEE you must be a graduate student, a research assistant or postdoctoral fellow. Students participating in the Student-Student Mentoring Program as mentors or mentees are also eligible to participate in the Researcher-Student Mentoring Program as mentees.

In order to participate in this program as a MENTOR, please click here to review the list of requirements and responsibilities of Student Mentors.

You must be an ISB member to enter the Mentoring Program! If you are not an ISB member yet, you can become one NOW at the Membership page.

Requesting a Mentor

In order to request a mentor, first search the mentor list page for those who have signed up to participate in the program. Next, email the individual to request if they are able to take you on as a mentee. If there is not a mentor residing in the country in which you are traveling, please contact the student representative to assist you with finding a mentor.

You may also post requests for assistance from other students in the Student Section of the ISB website or in the Facebook group for student members.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the program, please contact the ISB student representative.

Shaye Tiell

Student Representative

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.