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The purpose of the Researcher-Student Mentoring Program is to bring together biomechanics students and established biomechanists in order to:

  • Enhance the knowledge and technological skills of young biomechanists
  • Provide biomechanics students with the guidance and tools necessary to achieve a successful professional career
  • Help to shape the next generation of the finest biomechanists and biomechanics research

A Researcher mentor will be able to assist student members by:

  • Allowing occasional communication over the phone or emails.
  • Answer questions and discuss topics in biomechanics, especially the mentor’s area of interest.
  • Allow students to visit the mentor's laboratory for short periods of time that would be convenient for both the student and the mentor. These visits should be for training purposes such as learning new methods or techniques in specific areas of biomechanics.
  • Provide students with information about fellowships or internships offered by the mentor or mentor's department.
  • Review manuscripts and proposals in confidence.

Mentor assistance is not limited to the above recommendations nor are all of the above recommendations required by the mentor. The nature or purpose of the mentoring relationship should be discussed and agreed upon before mentoring begins.

In order to participate in this program as a MENTEE you must be a graduate student, a research assistant or postdoctoral fellow. Students participating in the Student-Student Mentoring Program as mentors or mentees are also eligible to participate in the Researcher-Student Mentoring Program as mentees.

In order to participate in this program as a MENTOR, please click here to review the list of requirements and responsibilities for Researcher Mentors.

You must be an ISB member to enter the Mentoring Program! If you are not an ISB member yet, you can become one NOW at the Membership page.

Requesting a Mentor

In order to request a mentor, first search the mentor list page for those who have signed up to participate in the program. Next, email the individual to request if they are able to take you on as a mentee. If there is not a mentor for your area of interest, please contact the student representative to assist you with finding a mentor.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the program, please contact the ISB student representative at 

Shaye Tiell

ISB Student Representative

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.