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Imaging & Morphology

Morphometry software, Inertial Property Calculations, Bone Structure Analysis, NIH Image.

A Fortran subroutine for calculation of area inertial properties from bone cross-sectional contours. Adapted by Amy Stevenson (University of Calgary) from the original work of Nagurka and Hayes, J. Biomech 13:59-64 (1980). See also the Matlab code POLYGEOM.

default slice.f (4 KB)

John Hipp

Software for analysis of 3-D trabecular bone structure.

Young-Hoo Kwon

Equations for calculation of body segment parameters (BSP) from geometrical models, by Young-Hoo Kwon. Good explanation and many equations, includes references. No software.

Public domain software for processing of medical imaging data.

J.J. Crisco

Inertia Properties Using Green's Theorem. MATLAB code for calculating centroid, volume and inertia matrix from a stack of 2-D contours. Reference: Crsico, JJ, McGovern, RD. Journal of Biomechanics 31(1):97-102, 1998.

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