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Sport biomechanist II

Sports Biomechanist
16 Feb 2023
16 Feb 2023
Los Angeles, CA
United States
BreakAway Data

Job Title: Biomechanist II

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Full Time


About BreakAway Data:

BreakAway is an athlete data company focused on the creation and delivery of actionable analytics directly to athletes. Our mission is to empower athletes and coaches alike to utilize data that drives the daily improvements that result in winning games. BreakAway offers three products: (1) BreakAway App: First of its kind iOS App that centralizes, houses, and displays data for elite athletes. (2) Stacks: An athlete management system (AMS) tailored specifically for usage by coaches and integrated with the BreakAway App. (3) Field Labs: An on-field markerless motion capture assessment protocol to help with coaching, evaluation, and recruiting content.  

About the Role:

BreakAway’s Biomechanist II will be crucial in the execution of Field Labs data collections.  The Biomechanist II will be responsible for executing biomechanics collections from start to finish including, data collection, processing, visualization, and presentation.  This role requires an academic and athletic background, applied sports work and thinking is essential.  Diverse candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.  

Role Responsibilities:

  • Field Labs product operations: Execute on-field biomechanics collections from data collection to report presentation to clients.

  • Development: Pilot drill collections and drill feedback for new positions and events.

  • Data processing: Run all data processing pipelines.  Review reports and check for errors to maintain data integrity.  

  • Visualization and reporting: Create visually engaging reports to better relay the biomechanics data to athletes. 

  • Presentation: Eloquently explain the meaning of the biomechanics data to athletes and coaches in sport specific terms.  

  • Documentation: Assist in documentation of collection processes, data structures, and pipelines. 

  • Research: Work with the biomechanics team to explore research questions and uncover insights that can positively affect the athlete’s health and performance.

  • Collaboration: Work closely with our Field Labs, Stacks, and App development teams to create new data-driven features.


  • A university degree specializing in biomechanics, engineering, sport science, or related field

  • Previous experience collecting motion capture data in an athletic setting

  • Knowledge of biomechanics principles, anatomy, and kinesiology

  • Competent in programming (e.g., R, Python)

  • Ability to deal with a project driven, fast-paced environment

  • Demonstrated passion and knowledge for sports

  • Flexibility in work hours with the ability to work various nights and weekends, with up to 35% travel

  • Must be able to lift up to 70 lbs

  • Must be able to work in the US


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