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Steve Kautz

Pedal forces and kinematics during cycling.

Cycling data

Pedal force and pedal angle as function of crank rotation. Described in: 

S.A. Kautz et al. (1991) The pedaling technique of elite endurance cyclists: changes with increasing workload at constant cadence.  Int. J. Sport Biomech. 7,29-53.

Data files for the individual subjects are combined into the file (165 kB).

The first four letters are the subject code (and the 1st 2 correspond to the table 2b in the paper). After the subject code there are 2 different files for each subject:

  • files = ????h.avg correspond to the high workload files in the paper.
  • files = ????1???.avg correspond to the highest workload we recorded

NOTE: Some files may have duplicate data with different names if they meet both conditions (eg, clach.avg is also the same as clac190.avg)

For other information, contact Steve Kautz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).