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Professor Peter A. Huijing holds a degree in Physical Education from the Academy of Physical Education in Amsterdam the Netherlands, as well as a Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA.  He held a dual appointment at the Faculteit Bewegingswetenschappen of the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam and the Department of Biomechanical Engineering at Twente University at Enschede, The Netherlands.  He has worked for more than 30 years at the interface of muscle physiology, anatomy and biomechanics, with primary research interests in fundamental aspects of form-function relation of muscles, force transmission from muscle as well as processes of adaptation ranging from the molecular level to whole muscle.  Biomechanical modeling has always played an important role in addition to his experimental work. In recent years his work has been applied particularly within the fields of surgery of the locomotor system and rehabilitation.