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Diana Andreeva GlaserDiana Andreeva Glaser received a Diplom Ingenieur degree (German equivalent of M.S. degree) in Civil Engineering from the RWTH-Aachen Technical University, Germany in 2001. Her thesis, granted by Hochtief AG, Germany, focused on the numerical analysis of the dynamical behavior of a locomotive construction. Afterwards, Diana worked for 3 years as mechanical engineer in the area of static and dynamic analysis. She was involved also in vibration, fatigue and buckling strength analysis. In 2005 Diana was accepted into the Ph.D. program at the University of Tennessee, at which time she also began a graduate research assistantship in the Center for Musculoskeletal Research (CMR). Her Ph.D. program and research work is performed under the supervision of Dr. Richard D. Komistek from the Biomedical Engineering Department. Within the CMR program she is involved in different projects including in vivo analysis of hip and knee joint mechanics, 3D patient-specific mathematical modeling, and biomedical applications of DAQ systems. The majority of these CMR research projects are applying engineering technologies and new clinically relevant analyses to study the joint conditions. Her personal research in CMR towards the Ph.D. program involves the development and implementation of hip mechanics and a newly developed non-invasive acoustic and vibration analysis method for the evaluation of hip joint performance. Diana is planning to complete her Ph.D. in the summer of 2008.