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Jeremy LaMothe began his research career during the last year of his Bachelors degree in Zoology (with distinction) when he undertook a project investigating gecko adhesion kinematics with Dr. A. P. Russell. Following completion of his BSc (April 2001), he enrolled in a Masters of Science in Kinesiology studying under Dr. Ron Zernicke at the University of Calgary. Soon after commencement of his Masters degree in September 2001, he fast-tracked to a PhD program, were he is currently investigating the relation between strain rate and bone adaptation. Recently, Jeremy was admitted to University of Calgary Medical School (MD/PhD Program) and was awarded one of the top entrance scholarships. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Canadian National Science and Engineering Research Council Doctoral Studentship, the Alberta Provincial CIHR Fellowship in Bone and Joint Health, and several other international and intra-institutional travel awards and scholarships. Concurrent with his doctoral research, Jeremy has been involved in a variety of other research investigating bone adaptation to senescence, diet, and injury. Jeremy’s research has been disseminated in the form of manuscripts, co-authorship on an invited textbook chapter, and conference proceedings. Jeremy plans to finish his PhD by August 2004 and MD by May 2007.