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Student Voices Episode 16: Pandemic PhD Reflections | Michael Rose

This Student Voices episode is hosted by Michael Rose, a former clinical research coordinator and soon-to-be PhD student. In the episode Michael interviews three friends and colleagues – Ophelie Herve from UCLA, Gabi Diaz from CU Boulder, and Garrett Weidig from Michigan State University – on their experiences starting their PhD programs in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics range from integrating into new environments under lockdown measures and the pandemic’s impact on early research progress to how expectations were managed and advice for future graduate students.

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Episode 55: Proprioceptive Prostheses and Clinical Impact | Hamid Charkhkar and Anna Smith

We talked with Professor Hamid Charkhkar from Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland VA Medical Center and Anna Smith, a former Case Western student and research assistant in Professor Charkhkar’s neuroprosthesis group. We discussed the importance of being open to feedback from all stakeholders for human-centered research, how to translate that into holistic treatment strategies personalized to individual users, and about the impactful neuroprostheses that integrate sensory abilities being developed by Hamid’s lab. Anna highlights her experience learning that “I don’t know” is a valid answer in research while Hamid reminds us that things not going according to plan is an expectation in human research.

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ISB celebrates a half century this year! 

ISB was founded on 30th August 1973. In August 2023, in Fukuoka at our next Congress, we want to organize a big birthday party! But we have about a year and a half before we can officially celebrate this great achievement. We should be proud to be not only the most international and the largest society in Biomechanics, but also the oldest. These have been 50 years of education, creation, aggregation, success, dedication, connection, donation, inspiration, innovation, and in one word - passion. We have contributed to novel devices, treatments, and performances for the benefit of clinical, physical, and industrial activities. All this from real science, based on experimental measurements, validated models, established theories, settled algorithms. We are grateful to the founders, but also want to look ahead and contribute with our discipline to a better quality of life, world-wide. In this period to come we would love to arrange a number of initiatives to remember, to store and to take advantage of these vital steps forward. The traditional ISB logo is thus embellished for these two years!

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If you want to add your thoughts, sentiments and ideas write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The minutes of the 2020 General Assembly of the ISB were confirmed at a virtual meeting by the ISB Council on July 24, 2021: 

Minutes of the ISB General Assemply Meeting, July 28 2021. Stockholm (digital).

ISB-EDC membership is now available at a reduced fee. Please visit the Subscriptions & Renewals page for details.

Dr. José Acero invited Andrea Hemmerich, EDC Project Officer, to present a seminar about the ISB-EDC Program at the 2nd International Congress of Applied and Sports Biomechanics (ICB) in Medellín, Colombia. Andrea connected live via webcast and answered questions on how the ISB could support biomechanics research in Latin America. The Colombian Association of Biomechanics was formed at this meeting; we are anticipating future affiliation of this society with the ISB. Thanks to Dr. Felipe Carpes for support and to Dr. Acero for organizing as well as English-Spanish translation throughout this presentation.