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Bonus Episode: Markerless Motion Capture | Scott Selbie

In this episode, we dive into markerless motion capture with Dr. Scott Selbie, the Chief Executive Officers of Theia Markerless Inc, Director of Research at C-Motion Inc, an adjunct Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University and in the department of Kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts.

We talk about the exciting future of markerless motion capture, the barriers of markerless becoming the new “gold standard” to motion capture, and how Theia aims to overcome these challenges. We also discuss start-ups, industry, and (one of our favorite topics) failure!

Additional clarification: To add to our discussion about discussing feature identification, we wanted to add the note that the salient points for the neural network are points that are not necessarily equivalent to the locations that markers are placed. With a physical marker, palpation identifies bony landmarks. For salient features it is less important that the marker represent a bony prominence than it is a location that can be reliably identified on a video image. It turns out that the reliable locations are not coincident with a bony prominence.

Theia Markerless is a young start-up that is revolutionizing motion capture in biomechanics by harnessing machine vision and artificial intelligence to provide incredibly accurate markerless motion capture software that is simple, powerful, and versatile. To find out more, follow Theia on Twitter or go to

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