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Episode 44: Skin Mechanics and Collaborative Friendships | Adrian Buganza Tepole and Manuel Rausch

In this episode, we cover skin biomechanics! As our largest organ, the skin is an essential part of movement and a source of protection for our bodies. Learn about why studying skin biomechanics is so critical from Professors Manuel Rausch and Adrian Buganza Tepole, from UT Austin and Purdue University, respectively. They share how their expertise in modeling and experimental techniques support each other in understanding skin mechanics and applications to diseases and conditions affecting the skin, such as pressure ulcers. We also learn about what has made their cross-university collaboration (and friendship) so successful.

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Song, et al. 2021. Miniaturized electromechanical devices for the characterization of the biomechanics of deep tissue. Nature Biomedical Engineering. 5: 759–771.