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Orthoload is pleased to advise the ISB community that  of a Public Database on Loading of Implants is available that provides free access to loads experienced by people with various joint impants in everday activities.

 OrthoLoad - The public database of in vivo load measurements with orthopaedic implants


Over the last 30 years the research group of Georg Bergmann, Friedmar Graichen and Antonius Rohlmann (now at the Julius Wolff Institut of the Charité Berlin) has measured joint loads in vivo, using instrumented implants with telemetric signal transmission. The database




has now been made publically available online and measured data can be downloaded for free. Much of the data from the hip joint are already available. Currently 3 ongoing research projects are investigating the forces in 9 patients with knee implants, in 8 subjects with shoulder prostheses and in 5 patients with vertebral body replacements. First data from these projects is already accessible in OrthoLoad. A new hip project with 10 younger patients will start in 2010. With the completion and publication of the various studies and activities, it is planned that OrthoLoad be complemented in a stepwise manner in the future.

Videos showing the patient's activities together with the synchronous load data, presented as line and vector plots, can be downloaded from the website. Additionally, the numerical data can be accessed and directly used for finite element analyses or simulator tests. Data from the hip consist of the tri-axial joint contact forces, while data from the other joints additionally contain the spatial moments acting in the joints. As previously done with data from the hip joint (CD HIP98) it is planned that the complete movement data will additionally be made public in the future. This will allow other research groups to check their analytical models, using complete 6-component load data from several joints, patients and activities as ‘gold standard'.

We hope that this way of supplying data to the scientific and medical community will help to improve orthopaedic treatments and thus be valuable for the affected patients. Please therefore feel free to download and use this data. If you think OrthoLoad may also be valuable for others, we would appreciate if you added a link on the homepage of your institution.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Bergmann

Julius Wolff Institut

Charité - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin

Augustenburger Platz 1, 13353 Berlin,  Germany

Tel: +49 30 450 65 90 81

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