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I want to follow what started in the previous issue of ISB Now, about our fascinating job. A few recent thoughts and experiences, which eventually are in the same direction.

One of the relevant aspects I am currently excited about and intrigued by is the terrific technical and analytical instruments now available. Motion capture systems, AI, Big-data, digital medical imaging, and the so called multi-scale paradigm, are all great new opportunities also for our developments and knowledge in biomechanics. These advances are very attractive, and I do recommend taking advantage of them and sharing thoughts and new ideas with our colleagues. On the other hand, all this should not leave behind the original inspiration and continuous fuel for continuing and progressing in our work, which is the curiosity, passion, and animation for research. Even with the most modern and automatic instruments in our hands, we shall not forget what inspired us at the beginning of our careers, this may have been a special research theme, a fascinating result, a great achievement, a brilliant researcher or research team.

I am reading a book of memory of a popular surgeon and researcher of my city, and his research was recalled as a human position of a continuous search rather than a standard job. Searching in fact, for us, is about looking or seeking carefully and scrupulously into the human body, to understand as many as possible secrets; for this, we shall be open minds, willing to accept any result and evidence, eager for any possible solution to our challenges. As the young researchers usually are.

The new CEO of an ambitious company in performance automotive here in Nord of Italy wanted a major new project to develop a driving simulator. He found the old engineers very skeptical, after many previous failures. The CEO then decided to go to a local university and recruit the best new graduates: they were able to develop the first prototype in a few months. The CEO explained the success of these young employees simply saying ‘they did not know that it could not be done, and they did it’. Let’s invest in the younger generation!

Finally, I wish to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II after her lifetime of service and devotion.


Alberto Leardini

ISB President