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I want to share today parts of my recent thoughts and discussions with colleagues on our job; a first series is introduced here, others may come later. Well, for these and other points, feel free to write to me and comment, anytime.

I have always loved the opportunity we have for our discipline to investigate over the full spectrum of conditions for our ‘experiments’: in-silico, in-vitro and in-vivo. These progressively bring research from original basic isolated concepts and behaviors to the most complex biomechanical systems (as we, humans, are); I am sure this is a wise step-by-step progression, which is represented also by the traditional technology readiness levels (TRL). This progression implies that on one hand (in-silico) we develop computer models to simulate the effect of changing mechanical conditions of different materials, of tissue degeneration because of pathology, of trauma etc. Others (in-vitro) analyze cells, tissues, bones, joints, and organs separately from the rest of the body, to isolate biomechanical properties and special behavior.

Eventually, we look at the final complexity, i.e. in-vivo, in real living subjects; during locomotion and other important activities of their living, as well as addressing performances. The three levels are really synergistic, and large top class investigations have addressed them, all together and in combination. I am, as well as ISB is, pleased to bring research up to this level. The complexity can result somehow and sometimes in unpredictable observations, difficult to interpret, but it is something that cannot be addressed completely in-silico and in-vitro. Thus we are aware that we deal with huge complexity, but we have the pleasure to do so, being living subjects ourselves (and we know that not everything from our physiology can be predicted). A large majority of these steps forward eventually bring biomechanical knowledge also up to patient treatments, to original devices, and to sport performance, and this is definitely a rewarding research, we in ISB are proud of. Overall, at each level we are, we work to ameliorate directly or indirectly the quality of life of persons, and this must be our pleasure and a reason for fulfillment at the end of our long days. Let’s enjoy this.

And let’s share this! We have in front nice opportunities to meet and to do so, all detailed in the present issue.


Alberto Leardini

ISB President