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 Celebrations of ISB 50 years anniversary are starting.

Over the next months and until our next ISB Congress in Fukuoka 2023, ISB Now will highlight the activities ISB is promoting to celebrate this milestone! Make sure you are up to date on the activities!


This is the committee enrolled in the planning of the celebration activities:

Alberto Leardini, Daniel Hahn, Katherine Boyer, Jennifer Shin, Anja-Verena Behling, Brent Edwards, John Challis, Joe Hamill, Elizabeth Clarke, Felipe Carpes, Lanie Gutierrez-Farewik, Veronique Feipel


Initiatives in development:

Several initiatives are planned and in development to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Society of Biomechanics, in August 2023. Below we report just the most recent information.


  • 50 years sessions at the WCB, the 9th World Congress of Biomechanics from the 10th to 14th July 2022

WCB program, Taipei, includes special moments to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ISB, as follows.


JULY 12 15:30h (UTC +8), Channel 1

ISB Affiliated Societies: Current Biomechanics in the World

Moderators: Jennifer Shin; Helen Bayne.

Speakers: Gwang-Moon Eom, Bing-Shiang Yang, Helen Bayne, and Hiroaki Hobara, Daniel Hahn


JULY 13 8:00h (UTC +8), Channel 13

ISB Recommendations and Consensus in Biomechanics Foot and Ankle Bone Reference Definitions

Moderators: Amy Lorraine Lenz and William Ledoux

Speakers: Eric Thorhauer, Karen Krüger, Sorin Siegler, and Michele Conconi


JULY 13 9:50h (UTC +8), Channel 1

ISB 50 years of International Biomechanics: Contributions to Instruments and Techniques

Advances in Gait Analysis: Moving Forwards by Looking Backwards

by Brian L. Davis

The future of movement analysis: Bridging disciplines to improve access, adherence, and analysis of mobile biomechanical tools

by Melissa A. Boswell

The History of Contemporary Neuromusculoskeletal Biomechanical Modelling

by David Lloyd

The Future of Contemporary Neuromusculoskeletal Biomechanical Modelling

by Luca Modenese


JULY 13 13:40h (UTC +8), Channel 1

ISB 50 years of International Biomechanics: Contributions to Basic and Applied Science

Evolution of knowledge in muscle mechanics: molecular mechanisms of contraction

by Walter Herzog

Past, present, and future: 50 years of discoveries into in vivo whole muscle mechanics.

by Taylor JM Dick

Performance-enhancing shoes – are they cheating? Rules and biomechanics

by Toni Arndt

The use of running footwear among elite marathon athletes during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – the last Games with the ‘super shoe’?

by Kai Wang


JULY 13 17:20h (UTC +8), Channel 1

ISB Sponsored Plenary Lecture

Design and Manufacturing of Custom-made Implants in an Orthopedic Centre

Alberto Leardini


JULY 14 9:50h (UTC +8), Channel 13

Award Session

International Society of Biomechanics Female Research Excellence Award

Please note the start time for all sessions is UTC +8.


  • ISB 50 years at ECSS

The International Society of Biomechanics goes ECSS! During this year’s conference of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) in Sevilla (Spain) there will be a celebration of the "50 YEARS OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF BIOMECHANICS (ISB) - A LIFELONG CONNECTION WITH SPORTS" in a special session on September 2nd, starting ime:13:15 CET*

Biomechanics is an essential part of sport science and sports have always been an essential part of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB), which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. In this special interest group session, three presentations will highlight the connection of biomechanics and the ISB with sports. First, the session will focus on muscle-tendon unit biomechanics and sports performance. With muscles being the motors of movement, which interact with their tendons, muscle-tendon unit biomechanics form the fundamental basis of sports performance and their limits. Further, muscle-tendon unit biomechanics adapt to training as well as muscle-tendon units are injury prone and therefore of great interest for sport science. Second, it will be shown how biomechanics can help to understand sports injury mechanisms, which in turn can help to prevent such injuries and to design effective treatment strategies after injury. Third, it will be shown how modelling and simulation can help to optimize sports technique. Because of the difficulty in sports measuring parameters of interest directly, simulation models provide a promising tool for sport science with great future potential. Finally, the numerous activities of ISB and how you can get involved in ISB and its activities will be briefly introduced.

The program for this special session includes the following talks:


Check the full information about this session and the ECSS congress at the event website


  • 50th anniversary Special Issues in Journals

The 50th ISB anniversary team is working closely with the editors of ISB-affiliated journals to promote several Special Issues with publications related to the ISB anniversary. Eventually, a number of Special Issues will be prepared and will be open for paper submission. Soon the final map of journals and Special Issues will be completed, and you all will be invited to submit papers to these Issues. At the same time, any member of ISB is welcome to propose Topics and Special Issues for these or other journals.


  • Digital archives

ISB is planning to create a digital environment that would make relevant photos, letters, proceedings, and other historical documents available to know and transmit the prestigious history of ISB. Eventually, proceedings of every previous conference will be included. In the upcoming months, ISB will also invite members that may want to contribute by sharing documents and relevant information to the ISB history.


  • Virtual museum

Under the umbrella of the digital archive, ISB wants to create also a virtual museum to show old valuable instruments, relevant experiments, and special devices used/derived from biomechanical research activities.