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The International Society of Biomechanics is facing international crises these years. We are still in COVID-19 pandemic, though we may foresee its attenuation and completion soon, and now we have new terrible scenes in front, of death and destruction, in the core of Europe. The global consequences are evident, and our lives are so much affected, not just our professionals, our economies, but even somehow our hopes, our reasons, our dreams, our beliefs. Of course each of us have been dealing with personal contrasts, little conflicts, professional issues, but we would not have thought to see this, with the present violence at this time of history. How much violent and evil humans can be is among the mysteries of the world. It is known, truth is the first casualty of war, so we have heard so many and so different news and opinions on these facts. Rather than searching for solutions, some people define enemies, and instigate and incite hatred. I also can see the rush to get people and nations changing according to someone else’s desires. We are committed somehow with all this, we should not feel to be strangers.

On the other hand, Science, for us it is Biomechanics, can now definitely play a role, particularly a renowned international society as we are. May be not for strategic, political or economic solutions, but rather for supporting the return to the right spirit for coexistence and cohabitation in this world. In science in fact, communication and collaboration are fundamental: among different professionals, among different disciplines, among different levels at the carrier, and among different countries. Fake information, techniques and results have no place in our work. The possible, and comprehensible, debates on our topics are always aimed at searching solutions to the scientific issues we deal with, at local or international levels. The right humility to recognise our previous mistakes is a necessary step to achieve novel techniques and original results. Truth emerges from the honest observations from our real experiments and computer simulations. Final evidences arise after patient work, which needs the necessary time to be understood and developed carefully. To share and to exploit true information is fundamental to develop our societies. Our students move from their original places to see modern technology and meet expert colleagues, but also to be part, though for a few weeks, of different cultures and traditions. Thus, I believe that the day-by-day work of each of us, and what ISB has been promoting, is contributing already to show examples of collaborating international communities. We want to continue our activities and progress with our initiatives, from which we can learn from each other; may be this eventually can result in a better world.

Regional biomechanical societies and also our Technical Groups are slowly returning to in-person meetings. ISB is developing detailed plans for Fukuoka 2023, where we anxiously want to meet again all together; a number of initiatives are under preparation for celebrating from now to the Congress the great 50 year history of our society. But it is the incoming World Congress of Biomechanics, the next big international event, which I believe it will be fundamental for reestablishing communications, connections and idea exchanges. These will be lovely chances to meet again from our own countries, and to know more about each other. I know people are taking also concrete actions in support of refugees, and definitely ISB would sustain such initiatives, also to possibly host students and scientists from the area in our Universities. We look forward to all this, also because we want to contribute to the reconstruction, whatever format this takes.

Alberto Leardini

ISB President