International Society of Biomechanics
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Taiwanese Society of Biomechanics (TSB) was founded in 1993 to facilitate and foster the research and development of various areas in Biomechanics within Taiwan. Our mission is to enhance the connection between academics with clinical practice, industrial application, and sports science and to stimulate innovative and pragmatic solutions to fulfill unmet needs. TSB consists of approximately 150 academic researchers, physicians, corporate members, and students collaborating to dedicate fundamental research and address existing clinical and industrial problems especially in the following biomechanics fields:

Physiology – molecular to whole-body level biomechanics related to musculoskeletal, neuromuscular system, and cardiovascular systems.
Human movement analysis – gait analysis, musculoskeletal modeling and simulation, and sports biomechanics.
Medical device – computer aided engineering, implants mechanical testing, surgical tools, and robotic-assisted systems.
Rehabilitation – virtual/augmented reality rehabilitation, prostheses and orthoses design, and rehabilitative devices and robots.
Assistive technologies – wearable sensors, training devices, and technologies for activities of daily living.

To facilitate researchers to present their effort and disseminate advanced research and developments, TSB hosts an annual academic conference and responses to the worldwide celebration of Biomechanics (National Biomechanics Day). TSB is proud to closely interact with a variety of international academic associations such as ISB (International Society of Biomechanics) and APAB (Asian-Pacific Association for Biomechanics), who share the same goals and value to accelerate the development of Biomechanics.

In July 2022, the World Congress of Biomechanics will be held in Taiwan and we welcome biomechanists from all over the world to visit us.

Yu-Jung Chen, Permanent Secretary, Yaiwanese Society of Biomechanics