International Society of Biomechanics
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EDC activities during the XXVIII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics

Despite the challenges of holding a digital congress, ISB could successfully support biomechanists from EDC with two awards. First, ISB sponsored a Developing Countries Student Travel grant and second, ISB performed the Developing Countries Grant Competition (DCGC), which was generously sponsored by VICON and Tekscan.

In total, we received 45 eligible applications from ten different EDC for the Developing Countries Student Travel grant. Based on the quality of their abstracts, ISB awarded 21 applications with a registration weaver so that students could attend the digital congress.

For the DCGC, we received ten applications from five different EDC (Benin, Brazil, China, India, Malaysia). The ten applications were reviewed by six independent reviewers based on their objective, methods / feasibility, novelty, contribution to the field, and promotion of Biomechanics in EDC. From the ten applications, five applicants were selected to present their projects at ISB2021 in a DCGC award session. In this award session the EDC researchers presented and discussed their upcoming projects and were re-evaluated. ISB warmly congratulated Dr. Ganesh M. Bapat from India for winning the 1st place DCGC and we also congratulate the remaining four researchers for winning the 2nd to 5th place DCGC.

 Contributed by Daniel Hahn (Economically Developed Countries officer)