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The coronavirus pandemic still is around, and strong. In countries like Brazil, it seems far from an end. Brazil is now facing the start of the second wave, which happens near the summer vacations. In the city where I live, for example, we are about to have a complete lockdown. Please, stay home if you can. Please use a mask. These are the more important and efficient action we can have against the pandemic.

In Brazil, different strategies have been proposed to keep students engaged with science and biomechanics. Several research groups as promoting regular online activities and there is a great interaction between different groups. As in many other places around the world, online activities are full gas regarding classes, but scientific research is suffering the limitations of not being able to use the research laboratory and run experiments. Some universities are now better prepared to permit some data collections following strict rules for staff and participant safety, but most people still are not secure to reopen the laboratories for testing. On the hand, there is much exclusion, and the economical and scientific asymmetries will just rise more and more during the after the pandemic.

Brazilian Society of Biomechanics

The Brazilian Society of Biomechanics assumed a leadership role and promoted some activities. The first was a webinar to discuss biomechanics research in Brazil. The event included professors and students (undergraduate and graduate) from different institutions that participated in discussions streamed live on the YouTube channel of the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics. The people attending the webinar were not only from Brazil but also from the different countries in South America. These discussions remain available in the channel.


The challenges for biomechanics during the pandemic are present not only in South America. From informal conversations with colleagues from South Africa, a proposal for another webinar emerged. In partnership with the South African Society of Biomechanics, the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics promoted the webinar “Biomechanics Without Borders”, in which the challenges for the establishment of remote classes of biomechanics in Brazil and South Africa were discussed. The event was streamed live using the Zoom platform and made available on the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics YouTube channel. As observed for the previous webinar, several participants attend the webinar coming from different places not only from South America and Africa but also from other continents. This webinar included different lectures and discussions and the videos remain available in the channel.


sbbIn a partnership of the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics with The Biomechanics Initiative ( a pilot program was established in Brazil. The “Brazilian Biomechanics Experience” wants to encourage the long-term engagement of young students with biomechanics. The Brazilian Society of Biomechanics will sponsor an online symposium dedicated to promoting biomechanics popularization among high school students enrolled in the “Junior Scientific Initiation Programs” from Brazilian Universities. The students will be invited to share their experiences while participating in biomechanics research. The students sharing their experiences will receive a Biomechanics textbook. When the event is finished, a committee of professors and graduate students invited by the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics will award up to five students with a USD 250 travel award to attend the 2021 Brazil Congress of Biomechanics. 




cbbAnd by mentioning the XIX Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics, we invite you all to join the XIX Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics next September 13-17, 2021. The Brazilian Society of Biomechanics is about to launch the official website of the event, but we are already know that during the congress there will happen the III Latin American Meeting of Biomechanics and the XI Symposium on Applied Neuromechanics. It was a hard decision for the organizers and directive board of the Brazilian Society of Biomechanics to move the congress fully to an online environment, but it was a common understanding that this was the best decision to make at this point of the pandemic and the lack of certainty about 2021.

Applied Physiomechanics group - Chile

The Kinesiology department of the Universidad de Concepción from Chile developed a work plan to promote studies on human movement analysis and biomechanics in the south of the country. The Applied Physiomechanics group, including professors and students from the university and other collaborative institutions will be responsible to leverage the development of the projects for research on human locomotion, sports and rehabilitation, aiming to generate innovation and technological development.  The group also wants to establish connections with other groups around the world to promote student exchanges, collaborative projects and also graduate studies.

Considering a challenging year as 2020 has been, this news are excellent and motivate us to keep active on science.

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