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Our workshop ‘Integrative Muscle Modelling for Neuromechanics’ originally scheduled for August 2020 will proceed as a virtual workshop at a time to be determined. In this workshop, we will aim to bring together scientists from clinical, biological and engineering backgrounds with a shared interest in developing, validating, and using muscle models informed with experimental data.

The format of the workshop will be a small, interactive single-track session of 50-75 participants. In the virtual format, we will aim to integrate both synchronous and asynchronous components, by recording presentations and including an interactive Q&A chat function that stays open for extended periods, so you can converse with those in different time zones without having to be present at a narrowly defined time. Further details and an open call for participants will be available soon on the CNB website:

Please sign up for the CNB email list and follow us on Twitter at @CNBiomechanics to receive announcements about this and other upcoming activities.

Our next in person meeting is planned for ISB 2021. CNB has recently secured support from the Company of Biologists to support early career participants attending our next in-person workshop at ISB2021.