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The ISB-ASB 2019 meeting in Calgary saw Comparative Neuromuscular Biomechanics (CNB) recognized as an official ISB Working Group; we are proud and excited to be part of the ISB family!

The congress was action-packed for the CNB.  Our first of two CNB-affiliated symposia: Using Musculoskeletal Modelling in Comparative Biomechanics’ showcased new models (many in OpenSim) including giant Varanidae lizards (modeling monsters!), birds, mice, and humans.

The second symposium: ’Comparative biomechanics across organizational scales’ was preceded by an inspiring talk by Professor Andy Biewener on the contributions of in vivo comparative biomechanics to our understanding of integrated muscle-tendon function in locomotion.  This was followed by an exciting range of talks spanning tissue-level studies of tendon, muscle and bone biomechanics to integrative studies of sensorimotor control scaling and simulation approaches to understanding whole-body movement.

The CNB held a happy-hour in the evening following our second symposium, which as a full house until closing time. Discussions during happy hour sparked several ideas for future events and initiatives for the CNB Group, including a muscle modeling workshop and efforts to curate publicly available open source datasets for the comparative biomechanics community.

Enthusiasm and momentum in the CNB were reflected by a well-attended business meeting at the ISB-ASB 2019 and the Group’s growing member count (68 full/student members).  We are particularly excited to see engagement of scientists in CNB across multiple continents who bring perspectives from experimental and theoretical approaches and from both human and comparative animal study systems.

The CNB is planning new events at the American Society of Biomechanics meeting in Atlanta, GA, (ASB2020) and the ISB2021 Congress in Stockholm.  For updates on our activities please visit our website: and follow us at: