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I am looking forward to meeting many of you in Calgary this July for ISB/ASB 2019! If you haven't already done so.... click here to register now!

Student events are described below – currently, the only event with tickets is the Student Mentorship lunch. If you are still interested in participating in the other events, please send me an email and I will add you to the waitlist in order of emails! After signing up for the student mentorship lunch, we will contact you to get more information about your interests and match you with a mentor to sit with during the lunch.

Student accommodation is available on the ISB 2019 website here. I would also like to encourage you to discuss accommodation sharing opportunities via this Google Sheet and/or Student Members Facebook Group.


ISB/ASB 2019 Student Events

Registration for ISB/ASB 2019 is officially open and there are exciting events available for students!  You can sign up for the events through registration, including:

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Student Excursion - Hike (Kananaskis Country) - July 31st, 9:00AM - 3:30PM

Boxed Lunch & Transportation Included

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Student Excursion - Night Out (Ranchman’s Cookhouse) - August 2nd, 8:00PM

Food and Transportation Included

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Student and Mentor Lunches - August 3rd/4th, 1:00PM - 2:00PM


Information on student accommodation, events, and grants can be found here.


Available Student Grants

There are grants available to ISB Student Members including:

  1. Developing Country Student Travel Grant: Students from developing countries may be eligible for travel grants funded by The University of Calgary and Delsys Inc. Detailed information on how to apply for this grant is available here.   
  2. The International Travel Grant program (ITG): In order to allow student members to travel abroad to experience science in other countries and cultures, and to build up international collaborations we will offer several grants of up to $US2500 for travel related to biomechanics research (due May 30, 2019)

Additional information and applications can be found here.

Other grants especially for students can be found at the ISB website.


Biomechanics on our Minds (BOOM) Podcast

We have newly released episodes of Biomechanics on Our Minds (BOOM) listed below!  It is available for free on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Spotify.  You can email us with ideas for biomechanics topics, what you would like to hear about, or to share a “research fail” on the podcast here.

  • Episode 14: MAP BOOM and the Future of Wearables– In episode 14, we talk with Associate Professor Thor Besier of The University of Auckland about the Musculoskeletal Atlas Project and the future of wearables! Our Bit of Boom is brought to you by Biomechanics in the Wild ( and we end with our most recent research fails.
  • Episode 12: Emphasis on International - In this Episode, we talk with Dr. Sam Hamner, Director of Product Innovation at Cala Health. We learn about his experiences in design, non-profits, start-ups, AND how Jewish mysticism influenced his path in biomechanics!


melissa boswellConnect with ISB on Social Media

Keep up to date with ISB by liking our ISB Facebook Page, joining the Student Members Facebook Page and following ISB on Twitter! If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions or questions please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kind Regards,

Melissa Boswell (Student representative 2017-2019)