International Society of Biomechanics
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ISB tutorials precede our biannual congresses and aim to cover topical areas in biomechanics. They are targeted to wide audience from students to scientists at all career stages. In Calgary 2019, tutorials will be given by four distinguished scientists.

Professor Saija Kontulainen from College of Kinesiology, University of Saskatchewan will give tutorial on bone strength and physical activity. Tutorial given by Professor Benno Nigg from University of Calgary will challenge the conventional paradigms for running shoe biomechanics. Professors Tim Derrick (Iowa State University) and Stacey Meardon (East Carolina University) will give a tutorial on the standardization of reporting kinetic data in biomechanics.

What statistics should I use?

patakyAssociate Professor Todd Pataky from Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine will give tutorial on Statistics and Biomechanics. Prof. Pataky will review the history of applied statistics and its uses in biomechanics. The roles of classical, modern and computational statistics and machine learning will be highlighted along with some key examples from the biomechanics literature.  Increasingly popular analysis techniques will be reviewed including: functional data analysis, principal components analysis and statistical parametric mapping. Frequentist vs. Bayesian perspectives will be considered, and key statistical controversies will be discussed.