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This research collaboration is a joint initiative between the Institut National de la Jeunesse de l’'Education Physique et du Sport (INJEPS) at the Université d'Abomey-Calavi (UAC), Bénin, Queen’'s University, Canada, and the Université de Valenciennes, France.  This project represents an exchange in knowledge in which a visit by Professor Lawani M. Mansourou  (INJEPS) to North America aided the Beninese academics in broadening their teaching and research methods, and Professor Geneviève Dumas' (Queen's) travel to Africa facilitated Canadian researchers in understanding the biomechanics of head load carriage and pregnancy. Not only were the faculty members involved in this sharing of cultural experiences, in June-July 2010, Ms. Erica Beaucage-Gauvreau (Queen's) was also able to spend a month in Porto-Novo, Bénin, to collect data for her MScEng project.


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