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Wartenweiler Memorial Lecture


The Wartenweiler Memorial Lecture is given to honor Professor. Jürg Wartenweiler (1915-1976), first President of the ISB. who organized the first International Seminar on Biomechanics in Zürich, Switzerland (1967). Wartenweiler was a Professor of physical education and sports at the Federal Technical Institute in Zürich, Switzerland and was named the first President of the society acknowledging his leadership role in the formation of the ISB, and his ability to bring together like-minded scientists from across the globe. Since 1977, the ISB starts with the Wartenweiler Memorial Lecture in remembrance of the founding father and his legacy to the society.

2023 Julie Steele (Australia) Pioneering Women of the ISB: Tales from the Archives and Beyond
2021 Susan S. Margulies (USA) Bridging the species gap: Scaling traumatic brain injury loads and assessments across species to accelerate prevention and diagnosis
2019 Hugh Herr (USA) On the Design of Bionic Leg Devices: The Science of Tissue-Synthetic Interface
2017 Jaap Van Dieen (The Netherlands) Trunk stabilization, adaptations to environment, task and pain

Aurelio Cappozzo

 History of Biomechanics
2013 Miguel Nicolelis (USA)

Brain Machine Interfaces to Restore Mobility

2011 Jan Pieter Clarys (Belgium) The schizophrenic balance of old techniques and new technologies in body composition and their (assumed) support in biomechanics, ergonomics and health care
2009 Patrick Prendergast (Ireland) Mechanoregulation in the skeletal tissues
2007 Kai-Nan An (USA) Application of Medical Imaging in Biomechanics
2005 Bruce Latimer (USA) Biomechanics and Evolution.
2003 Steven Vogel (USA) Twist versus bend: flexibility in the face of flow.
2001 R.C. Nelson (USA) History of the ISB.
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1987 Savio L-Y. Woo (USA)

Advances in Ligament Research

1985 Don B. Chaffin (USA) Computerized Models for Occupational Biomechanics
1983 Uros Stanic (Yugoslavia) Movement and Electrical Stimulation
1981 Phillip D. Gollnick (USA) Muscle Characteristics and Biomechanics
1979 Marion Weiss (Poland) Tasks and Needs of Rehabiltation Engineering
1977 G. A. Cavagna (Italy) Efficiency and Inefficiency of Locomotion