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Awards and Honours

A committee was formed by the ISB Awards Committee that consisted of Janet Dufek, Felipe Carpes, Hannah Rice, Jacqueline Alderson, and was co-chaired by Tim Derrick and Liz Clarke. Rob Herbert was included in the final presentation rankings to provide depth of knowledge.

It was decided that the ISB Female Research Excellence Award would recognize a female researcher showing exceptional ability in research and communicating the importance of that research through written and oral presentation. Procedures were developed by the ISB Awards Committee and approved by the World Congress of Biomechanics (WCB).


Fifteen semifinalists would be selected by the WCB Scientific Committee and names, and abstracts given to the ISB Awards Committee. Six finalists would be selected based on the quality of their submitted abstract and were invited for oral presentation of their research at the WCB 2022 ISB Female Research Excellence Award Session.


An applicant is eligible for the ISB Female Research Excellence Award if they are female, a current member of the International Society of Biomechanics, first author on a submitted abstract, and they present the research in the award session. All career stages are encouraged to enter. Members of the ISB Executive Council are not eligible.

The abstract must be an unpublished research study (not a collection of research studies or previously published research).


Applications were received from 49 researchers. The WCB Scientific committee rated the abstracts and sent the top 15 to the ISB Awards committee. We selected six finalists:  Cariana Blaker, Julie Leonard-Duke, Natalia Lindgren, Kirthana Sreerangathama Suresh, and Karin Wang. One applicant dropped out. These finalists presented at a special session at WCB and were evaluated on their presentations by the committee. The scores were combined with the abstract scores to determine the winner. The winner was Julie Leonard-Duke from the University of Virginia with her presentation titled “Computational Modeling of Microvascular Mechanosensitivity in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis”. All finalists received a certificate and the award winner received $1000 USD.