International Society of Biomechanics
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Past Executive Councils



Alberto Leardini

Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli
Centro di Ricerca Codivilla-Putti
Bologna, Italy


alberto leardini

Past President and Archives Officer:

Toni Arndt

Professor in Biomechanics
Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH
Stockholm, Sweden



toni arndt


Elizabeth Clarke

Senior Research Fellow
Kolling Institute of Medical Research
University of Sydney
Sydney, Australia


 Elizabeth Clark

Secretary-General (Appointed):

Brent Edwards

Faculty of Kinesiology
University of Calgary
Calgary, Canada

 Brent Edwards

Publication Officer:

Felipe Carpes

Center for Health Sciences
The Federal University of Pampa
Laboratory of Neuromechanics
Uruguaiana, Brazil

foto felipe2

Student Representative:

Anja-Verena Behling

School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia


anja verena behling

Awards Officer:

Tim Derrick

Department of Kinesiology
Iowa State University
Iowa, USA

tim derrick

Affiliated Societies:

Jennifer Shin

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Daejeon, South Korea
jennifer shin

Technical Groups Officer:

Tung-Wu Lu

Department of Biomedical Engineering
National Taiwan University 
Taipei, Waiwan

tung wu lu

Student Awards Officer:

Katherine Boyer

School of Public Health and Health Sciences
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Massachusetts, USA

katherine boyer

Informatics Officer:

Lanie Gutierrez Farewik

KTH MoveAbility Lab, Dept. Engineering Mechanics
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden

lanie gutierrez farewick

Economically Developed Countries (EDC):

Daniel Hahn

Faculty of Sport Sciences
Ruhr Universit├Ąt Bochum
Ruhr, Germany

daniel hahn

Education Officer:

Jacqueline Alderson

School of Human Sciences
University of Western Australia
Perth, Australia

jacqueline alderson

Education Officer:

Hannah Rice

Department of Physical Performance
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
Oslo, Norway
hannah rice

Sponsorship Officer:

Janet Dufek

Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences
University of Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada

janet dufek

Social Media Officer (appointed):

Vijay Dhamodharan

Research Scholar
Centre of Excellence in Biomechanics
Department of Sports Biomechanics and Kinesiology
Tamilnadu Physical Education and Sports University
Chennai, India.
vijay dhamodharan

South American Representative (appointed):

Felipe Carpes

Center for Health Sciences
The Federal University of Pampa
Laboratory of Neuromechanics
Uruguaiana, Brazil

foto felipe2

Asian Representative (appointed):

Tung-Wu Lu

Department of Biomedical Engineering 
National Taiwan University 
Taipei, Taiwan  

tung wu lu

African Representative (appointed):

Helen Bayne 

University of Pretoria
Division of Biokinetics and Sport Science
Faculty of Health Sciences
Johannesburg, South Africa



Andrew Cresswell

The University of Queensland 
School of Human Movement Studies 
Brisbane, Australia 


Archives Officer (appointed):

John Challis 

Penn State University
College of Health and Human Development
University Park, PA, USA